Friday, 30 March 2012

The 'Great' Neighbour

From the title, actually it is nothing great but a good neighbour. Alhamdulillah I got a good neighbours ever in my life. But, I am the oldest among my neighbours. The youngest among us is Apai, 8 years old. Apai is just a nickname, others are Mamat, Farid, Udin, Haziq, Arip, Aiman, Hasif, and Aidil. We always play at evening. We play football, 'baling selipar', and more. The newest is playing 'sorok-sorok' but I do not joining them, just watching them. Before, we did  a team to join football match organized by PPDS (Persatuan Penduduk Desa Surada). I did not join them because they join under 12 football match and I was 15 years old that time. Result to their efforts, they got the 4th place in the match, congratulation. This year, many of them are 13 years old, so I hope they will join the match again and win it, if it organized. The issue that happen to us was we were scolded by other neighbour when we played football. We got a few place to play football. The first place that we named Stadium Bukit Jalil, we were scold because the ball hit the car twice. The second place that we named Stadium Shah Alam, we were rejected because one neighbour worried that his flower pots crash into pieces. The third place that we named Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the place was quite limited and we were not satisfied to play football. That is why they play 'sorok-sorok' now. I have found one place and going to suggest them to play there. I wonder what will we named it. That is all about my neighbours for now. Pray us so that we will be a good neighbour and close together forever. See you later.

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  1. During my childhood, 'baling selipar' is one of the famous games you know..i cant believe that you and your friends are still playing the sweettt!!hahaha