Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Killing Smoke

        All smokers actually are in danger. They are closing to death because of smoking. Now in this era, there are so much teenagers that start smoking.
        But, from that information, we got one question. The question is why the teenagers smoking? First of all, the reason why teenagers smoking that I could think is they may want to look mature by smoking. This is because many adult are smoking and the teenagers follow them. Next, they maybe smoking because of their peer pressure. We always want doing something together with our friend and that is why a teenager pressuring his friend to smoking together. Besides that, a teenager always have a feeling to try something new. That is why teenagers start to smoking because it is new to them.
        All smokers are in danger because of the effect of smoking. Smoking can effect the physical and health of smokers. The physical effect is the smokers will get yellowish stain on their fingers and teeth. This will make their appearance looks bad. Their breath also smells bad. Next, facial wrinkles will appear on their face at an early age and make looks like old man. The effect of smoking on health of smoker is it can cause cancer of throat, mouth, lungs, and more. This cancer may bring them to death. Nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes are dangerous. Nicotine can cause addicted to smokers and carbon monoxide will reduces blood capacity to carry oxygen Besides that, smoking will increase heart rate.
        As we know that smoking is really dangerous, so we must not or stop smoking. I have a few suggestion to stop smoking. First, you can reduce cigarette slowly. For example, if you smoke once in a day, you can start to smoke once in two days, and then once in a week and continue reducing until you stop smoking. You also can take ni-quit-in, a new brilliant product to stop smoking and follow the schedule that given when you buy it. So now, you should set a date to stop smoking.
        Smoking not only endanger the smoker himself, it also could impact this country. How is it happen? It is because when the teenagers smoking, there will be no one who will bring our beloved country to national sage. So, lets not or stop smoking to make this country in peace, harmony and safe.

Friday, 30 March 2012

The 'Great' Neighbour

From the title, actually it is nothing great but a good neighbour. Alhamdulillah I got a good neighbours ever in my life. But, I am the oldest among my neighbours. The youngest among us is Apai, 8 years old. Apai is just a nickname, others are Mamat, Farid, Udin, Haziq, Arip, Aiman, Hasif, and Aidil. We always play at evening. We play football, 'baling selipar', and more. The newest is playing 'sorok-sorok' but I do not joining them, just watching them. Before, we did  a team to join football match organized by PPDS (Persatuan Penduduk Desa Surada). I did not join them because they join under 12 football match and I was 15 years old that time. Result to their efforts, they got the 4th place in the match, congratulation. This year, many of them are 13 years old, so I hope they will join the match again and win it, if it organized. The issue that happen to us was we were scolded by other neighbour when we played football. We got a few place to play football. The first place that we named Stadium Bukit Jalil, we were scold because the ball hit the car twice. The second place that we named Stadium Shah Alam, we were rejected because one neighbour worried that his flower pots crash into pieces. The third place that we named Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the place was quite limited and we were not satisfied to play football. That is why they play 'sorok-sorok' now. I have found one place and going to suggest them to play there. I wonder what will we named it. That is all about my neighbours for now. Pray us so that we will be a good neighbour and close together forever. See you later.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

About Me?

After I read Anas Mirza's blog, I realize that I forgot to introduce myself. Now let me introduce a little about myself.

Firstly, I'm a good boy, hahaha. My name is Muhamad Hazim Bin Muhamad Halim Bin Jawahir . I made this blog just as my teacher ask to. It is for her benefit too. I'm study at SMKA Maahad Hamidiah in class 4 Ghazali. I'm located at 4 IBS at first but I change to 4 Ghazali to take account because my ambition is to be accountants. I'm a 'president' in my class, hahaha . My behavior in class, I don't know because sometime I'm quiet and sometime I'm active. So, ask my classmate to know more.

My family have five members. I have three siblings and I'm the eldest. So,I'm the third member in my family. I live in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. I have a good neighbour. I will post about my neighbour later. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the most important thing about me. I got 9A in PMR, yes!, and for your information I just got 4A in UPSR. Please pray me to get 11A+ in SPM and I will pray for you too.

Okay, that is all about me, I don't tell much because I'm worried if someone crash on me, hahaha, just kidding, don't cry. May God bless you, thank you.


Caution: There is a risk to read this article because it is about my comment for the exam that I took. So, you may DIE in unspeakable extreme bored!!!

First Day: The exam at the day was English and Malay exam. Sincerely I don't really like the schedule because Biology exam was the last exam at the day, so I don't have much time to practice for Malay exam. Even that, it was good because I could study for the next exam in the next day. My comment for English exam was I can do it and it was quite easy you know and same for Malay exam. But, wrong can happen without I realize it and I know that I was wrong for one question in English. Well, I just hope that I got A+ in exam.

Second Day: I'm facing Add Math (Mt), Civic, and Science exam at the day. For Mt exam, I though it's quite hard plus with my calculator's problem. My calculator does not have equation and I can't answer two answer because of it. I does not have any comment for Civic exam because I do not really care about it. Difference from Mt, Science was quite easy but I can't really sure that I got all right because anything can happen.

Third Day: Al-Quran & As-Sunnah (QS), Accounting Principles, and Mod Math (Mm) exam was the exam that I faced at the day. My first though before I took QS exam was it's hard but it was difference after I faced the exam. It was quite easy, and hopefully that I got A+ for this exam. Same for Accounting Principles exam but the difference was I though it was not hard but normal before I took the exam. There was a problem when I took the Mm exam. The problem was I don't remember the formula for form three's question and I can't answer four question at least. Please pray me for A+ in Mm exam.

Fourth Day: I took Arabic, Physical Education (PJ), and Basic Economic (Ea) exam at the day. I'm screaming in my heart after I took Arabic exam when I heard my classmate's talk about the exam because I did a lot wrong answer in the exam. I hope I got at least A- in the exam. Just like Civic exam, I don't really care about PJ exam but it was quite easy. Same as QS exam, I though it was hard but it was not. Maybe because I did much revision when I though it was hard.

Fifth Day: In the fifth day a.k.a last day, I took History and Syariah Islamiah (Sy) exam. I just could say okay for History exam, not so hard but not so easy. Just like the other exam, I hope I got A+. Sy exam was the third exam that I though it was hard but it was not. I hope Ustazah Wan Adibah give me a high mark.

Just like the other students, the only my hope is I got straight A+ in Formatif 1 exam. Congratulations to who have survive after read this articles and not killed by unspeakable extreme bored. But at least you slept right?