Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gulp and Gasp (synopsis)

    This story started with the conversation between Lord Septic and Crouch. Lord Septic telling Crouch about his plan to own the railway line they have been at that night. At that time, a flower-seller named Rose come. Lord Septic ask Crouch to tell her to get out. Then, Crouch throw away Rose's flower and leave. Percy come and help Rose. They share each other stories. Percy tell Rose that he is an orphan and he only have a key with letter NSL on it. After that Crouch come back. They have a fight, and Percy is hit by Lord Septic on his head. Percy is unconscious. Rose is tied down to the railway track, unknown that Percy has run away. While tying Rose, Lord Septic remind the event of his father tying up Lady Gatsby to the same track. But then, it turn out that Lady Gatsby is Percy's mother and Percy is the real owner of the railway track. All of sudden, Percy come, manage to stop the train and save Rose. Lord Septic and Crouch are tied right after it. Rose tell Percy the truth. Percy then propose Rose and the two villains are left to be arrest.

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  1. Now i know the story
    your synopsis is short but informative