Friday, 27 April 2012

facebook (~_~)"

    In this era, there are many types of social netwoeks with a different name such as twitter, blog, myspace, SMS, facebook, and many more. One of the most popular social networks is facebook. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his collage roommates.He studied at Harvard University. Before it was released to the world, facebook was used by his university's student and then to other collage and university. According to Consumer Reports survey in May 2011, there are 7.5 million children under 13 with account and 5 million under 10, violating the site's term of service.
    There are a good things about facebook. Firstly, facebook is free and people don't need to pay to use it. Facebook also one of the best medium for communication. Seecondly, facebook can connect user to other people that he like, for example, to connect parents, friends, grandmother or grandfather, and more. Furthermore, facebook is best for finding old friends. Facebook is popular, so there is a chance that the old friends have account in facebook, then we can find them easily. Besides, user can share anything with his friend by using facebook anytime and anywhere. User can share his problem, feeling and can get a feedback from friend. Facebook also has many types of games, so user can relieve stress by playing games that he likes with friends.
    Even that, facebook also has its' own disadvantages. First of all, facebook can cause addiction to user. This is because when the users use facebook to chat with friends, they will chating all the time without thinking about time and place. This also makes user wasting the valueable time to study, reading, sporting and many more. Fake profile and ID in facebook also the disadvantages of the facebook. A cyber robber can use fake profile to trick other users to get their money. Facebook often brings bad effects on students results. When a student get addicted to facebook and chating all the time, they will have no time to study. Then, he will get a fail result.
    There are a few cases happen because of facebook. First of all, some girls kill themselves when someone abused her by making a fake profile of her. Next, one mother killed her child because her child was crying in hunger while she was browsing facebook. Apart from that, a husband killed his wife because she changed her relationship status.


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